Frequently asked questions

Do your prints come framed?

No. Our prints come without frames or mounts. This allows our customers to choose their own frames to match their decor. Need some help with where to purchase a frame that will fit? See our article on Where to buy Picture Frames.

Will my print/canvas fade in the sunlight?

The short answer is yes - all prints/paintings/photographs will fade over time if exposed to sunlight - especially direct sunlight. However, we take every precaution to use materials that are UV stable to ensure our prints and canvases last many many years without fading.

Can you post internationally?

Unfortunately we are not able to send items internationally at the moment.

How do I take hand or foot prints using your inkless printing kit?

Depending on the age of your child, prints can sometimes be a bit tricky. Please see our article on How to take Hand and Foot prints.