• Milly

Family Tree Charts

I am so happy to finally be adding these Family Tree Charts to the website. Like so many people, I am completely addicted to researching our family history and have been doing so for the best part of 20 years. Of course the advent of online records have made it so much easier to search!

The one problem I always found was the lack of stylish modern ways to display the fruits of my labour. I wanted something that wasn't 'ye olde worlde' and that could display at least 7 generations of ancestors as I have this for most of my research lines. I have finally decided the chart below is my favorite and it will be adorning our living room once #lockdown2 is over.

Circular family tree chart

You may not need or want so many generations so we offer from 4 generations and up. You can choose your style, print size, and even choose colours to match your décor.

Sending us your information is easy - once you have purchased a Family Tree Chart we will email you a simple spreadsheet for you to complete with your ancestors' details. We will then use this information to produce your family tree.

Happy researching!