• Milly

How to take Hand and Foot Prints

Baby Foot Prints

Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure you get great prints when using our inkless hand and foot printing kits.

Prints are easier to take when your child is asleep or sleepy!

Having several people to help makes things easier. Get one person to hold your baby or child, another to hold the paper (use a board to keep it rigid) and a third to wipe the hand or foot and take the print.

Follow the instructions re using the wipe closed at first and then opening it. The hand/foot will still feel dry after wiping - this is normal. Make sure you cover the whole hand or foot with the wipe. Thumbs need to be covered on the outer edge for good definition. Make a test print to check coverage – if you see gaps, re-wipe and try again. The only exception to this is when taking an adult print – in this case you will most likely see a gap where the palm does not touch the paper – this is normal.

The most important thing to remember is to roll the hand or foot.


Take hold of the foot around the ankle and roll the foot onto the paper – heel first. By the time the toes are touching the paper, the heel should be lifting off.


Hold the wrist with one hand and hold the fingers open with the other. Roll the hand onto the paper – heel of the hand first. When the palm touches the paper, let go of the fingers and let them roll onto the paper as the palm lifts off.

You don’t need to press hard or to keep the hand or foot in contact with the paper for very long. The print will gradually darken over time. Make sure you are using the correct side of the paper!

If you are taking prints to return to us to be made into a piece of art, we recommend you fit as many as you can on each sheet of paper (without overlapping). Be sure to send us all your prints – even if you think some are unusable as we can often clean them up and or combine the best bits from several prints to make a perfect one.