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Where to buy Picture Frames

We often get asked where to buy reasonably priced picture frames to fit our fine art prints. So here is a little round up of our favorite suppliers.


Ikea is one of our favorite places to buy frames. We like their RIBBA and HOVSTA frames, which fit our A4 size prints. The 21x30cm frames will fit our A4 prints (if you discard the mount) or if you prefer a mount then get the 30x40 frame. They come in a variety of colours, including white, oak, beech and aluminium. They use plastic instead of glass making them much safer for children's spaces. And you can now order online too!

Ikea HOVSTA and RIBBA frames
Ikea HOVSTA and RIBBA frames


If you are on a budget, you can't beat Amazon for low cost frames in all sizes. You can get frames to fit A4 and A3 prints - both with and without mounts. They also come in bright colours like cerise, lime and turquoise or more rustic shabby chic finishes.

Coloured frames on Amazon
Coloured frames on Amazon


If you would like something a little more bespoke we recommend eFrame. You can enter your picture size (A4 or A3) and then choose from hundreds of frame and mount styles to create the perfect frame for you. They also do a range of ready made frames in A-sizes.

eFrame Picture Frames
eFrame Picture Frames


Most of the big supermarkets do a range of reasonably priced frames. They can be somewhat limited in size and colour options. Be sure to check that fit A-sizes - they should say what size they take.

If finding a frame sounds like a hassle you could always order a stretched canvas instead. They come ready to hang on the wall!

*Please note that we are not affiliated to any of the companies listed above and any recommendations are based on our own experiences. We can not be held responsible for any dealings you may have with them.


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