Children's hand prints or foot prints make great keepsakes as they capture a unique moment in time and help you remember how little they once were. 

Our inkless baby handprint and footprint kit is completely mess free, non toxic and easy to use. Simply wipe your baby's hand or foot with the inkless wipe, press onto the special paper, lift and watch the image magically appear.

Inkless Hand and Footprinting Kit

  • These brilliant kits give a much more detailed print than paint or paint wipes. The wipes are non toxic and safe to use from birth (in fact this system is used in hospitals in the US to footprint newborns).


    Our paper is 8x8inches - wide enough to get two footprints side by side but small enough to tuck in your hospital bag to capture your baby's prints as soon as they arrive.


  • The single kit contains 1 magic wipe, 2 sheets specially treated paper and full instructions. The double kit contains 2 magic wipes, 4 sheets specially treated paper and full instructions - perfect if you want to do both hands and feet or if you have twins.